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from the shadows

Dark Artt
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This community is for showcasing original artworks of a dark nature across all media (visual and written word).

It is also for communicating about dark themed art and artists, asking technical questions and sharing knowledge or inspirations. Constructive critiques are welcome. Links to dark art websites are encouraged, though anything off topic will be removed.

There are no strict rules here other than no advertising unrelated communities, spamming or quiz results. There may be nudity so please only over 18+.

Respect other members and no rude comments, or you will be removed from the community.

If any issues arise these rules will be revised.

Created and moderated by serpentine_kiss
aeon flux, alice in chains, aliens, ambient, amy brown, androgynous, ann rice, art, art house films, art students, artists, ash wood, b&w photography, bajema, bizaare, black, black & white photography, bleeding, blood, bondage, brian froud, cartoons, cgi, charcoal, computers, costumes, creepy, dali, dark, dark angels, dark art, dark fae, dark fairies, darkness, death, design, digital art, digital photography, dreaming, dreams, edward scissorhands, electronica, evil, eyeliner, eyes, fairies, fetish, fiction, film, fishnets, flesh, foreign film, freak, freaks, freaky, giger, gore, goth, gothic, gothic dolls, graphic design, graphics, hybrids, industrial, ink, janes addiction, john bauer, lace, landscape, life, light, lighting, living dead, long hair, lotr, machines, manga, mascara, matrix, mechanical, metal, metallic, michaelangelo, mike bohatch, minix, moody, moonlight, myth, mythology, neverending story, new age, nick cave, night, nightmare before christmas, nin, nosferatu, nu metal, oil, oscar wilde, painting, paints, pale, pencil, photo, photographer, photography, photos, photoshop, pictures, poetry, ps7, raphael, requiem for a dream, run lola run, scary, sci-fi, science fiction, seak, shading, shadows, shakespeare, silent films, silver, skeletons, skin, skulls, sleepy hollow, space, star wars, succubus, surreal, surrealists, tablets, tech, technology, textures, the cure, the gift, the ring, tim burton, tolkien, tool, travis smith, vampires, vamps, watercolour, web design, wings, witches, writing