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The Shadow Cycles

Cycles Icon My latest book cover is now finished.
You can see it here

This is for Philip Emery's 'The Shadow Cycles' - a very dark and broody read - all atmosphere and mood. It did present me with quite a challenge though - the author did not want me to portray any of the characters and the most dynamic scene from the book was the opening - two opposing fleets of ships (none of which had sails which made them a bit hard to make easily recognisable as ships) under a starless night sailing on a sea of shadow. Easy to write, but to illustrate? Thats ships that wont be recognised as ships on a black background. There is, however, also quite a bit of fire as the main characters are plunged into the world of the story, so that did give me a very dynamic image to work with - and I'm very happy with the result. I like to be indulged sometimes with covers, working from a wealth of visual imagery and spoiled for choice - but sometimes working with restrictions is very productive and I love the challenge! I took a bit of a liberty (though a small one) by making the night sky a bit lighter with clouds and adding some sparkles coming up from the sea of shadow.

Here is the image with the text/layout I did for it.

Shadow Cycles text 

and without

Shadow Cycles no text 
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